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World's Most Expensive Indian Food & Curries

Over the last couple of years, we have come across 3 Indian dishes have been deemed to be the most expensive Indian dish in their own "class". We thought it would be a good idea to showcase all the 3 dishes in one article. 

1. World's Most Expensive Curry - Samundari Khazana ($4000)
On the top of the list would be the Samundari Khazana (Treasure from the Sea) which was was created and served at the Bombay Brasserie in upmarket London. The dish was launched to mark the release of the Slumdog Millionaire DVD. The dish was a mix of caviar, sea snails, a whole lobster and even edible gold. You can see the dish being prepared at served here

2. World's Most Expensive Chutney - Chutney for Heros ($600) 
Coming in at No 2, is Chutney for Heroes from the Bindi Restaurant in London. Priced at almost $600 for a 190 ml jar, the chutney contains saffron and 23ct Edible Gold and organic produces to complement a mixture of spices to provide a mouth watering chutney. For more details visit the website

3. World's Most Expensive Butter Chicken - Anaarkali ($150)
Coming in at No 3 and seeming relatively cheap compared to the first two, is Anaarkali Butter Chicken. The Anaarkali Butter chicken is a labor of love for the chef who took almost 2 years to come up with what he felt was the best butter chicken in the world. Using special ingredients, the dish is delivered to your doorstep in a ready-to-heat container. For more details, you can read an older post we had on this dish.

Are these genuine efforts or marketing stunts? With the Samundari Khazana and Chutney, its probably a stunt to drive some attention to their restaurant. I love Indian food (did I have to mention that) and it takes me more than a couple of tries at a dish before we keep ordering it so I would never ever try my hand (and wallet) at this, unless someone else was paying for it. There are plenty of local Indian restaurants that offer wonderful tasty food and I would much rather sample those. 

Would you or have you tried any of these dishes or do you know of other expensive Indian dishes? Please share with us. 

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