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Indian Street Markets

On our trip to India this year, we got the opportunity to take some pictures of the local markets in Hyderabad. For those living outside India, the closest experience you may have are visits to Farmer's markets.  The street markets are typically by the side of the road and can sometimes stretch out for a long distance. Each vendor either has a little shop or their own little cart on which they sell their wares. In most cases they specialize in one item or a group of items such as certain fruits or certain vegetables. You can find stores selling clothes, vessels, bangles and other household things.

The day begins early for the vendors as they shop for their goods at the wholesale markets. Around 9-10 AM, while the home makers are getting ready for their day ahead, the vendors make their way to the market. By around 11 AM, the vendors have arrived and are ready for a long day ahead.  As the morning unfolds, the hustle and bustle begins to grow with the housewives arriving to do their shopping. The late mornings are very busy with the morning shoppers and there is a bit of slowdown during the afternoon which is usually the time for a little siesta. By 5-6 PM, the markets are bustling again as those returning home spend time at the markets. The vendors typically close shop by 9-10 PM and go home ready to plan their next day.

What the pictures do not convey is the hustle, bustle and the bargaining that goes on in these markets.  The vendor is usually calling out to customers, the customers are haggling for the best prices. The smells of street food, fresh vegetables and fruits, the noise, the crowd is something to be experienced not seen via a picture. We hope that the little slide show below helps you get a feel for the Street Markets in India.

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