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Diwali Snack - Shankarpali

Its Diwali time, which means our house gets into the Diwali snacks preparation phase. One of the savory snacks we make every year is the Shankarpali, also called Shankarpara, Namkeen, Tukdi and many other terms across the country. Shankarpali is a deep fried snack in the shape of a diamond. Shankarpali is made from a dough of ghee, maida, semolina and salt. The mixture is made into dough and then mechanically cut into diamond shaped units which are deep fried in Ghee or Butter.

The savory kind can be made using chilli powder which the sweeter version is made with extra sugar. Many other versions of this recipe can be found online. It has a long shelf life. It is widely available in shops, as it is such a popular dish; people usually purchase ready-made shankarpali during the year and only prepare it at home during Diwali.

You can find the recipe for Shankarpali in our recipes section.  The recipe is rather easy but it takes a long time as you have to roll the dough with a rolling pin, cut it into diamond shapes and then deep fry them. If possible, get a partner to help you and things will move along much faster. 

This was the first snack for this year's Diwali. More recipes on the way. 

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