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Diwali Snack - Masala Puri


Its Diwali once again and our kitchen gets busier than usual with the preparation of snacks and sweets. We try and make at least 5 items every Diwali and it's a lot of fun. It helps bring in the energy and memories of being in India. This year, the first snack that we made was the Masala Puri. Masala Puri is a crispy and mildly spicy puri that is created by deep frying some dough.

Masala puri can be made in many different ways but the basic recipe is the same. Masala puri is made using wheat flour, turmeric and ajwain or cumin seeds. The dough is rolled into small balls, flattened using a rolling pin and deep fried in oil. Take a look at the pictures below to get an idea for the steps. 

You can find the recipe for Masala Puri in our recipes section.  Masala Puri is really easy to make and you should consider it on your Diwali snack list. You can get a pretty big batch done rather quickly. We were able to get a box of 50 puris completed in less than an hour. If you store them in a nice air tight container, they will stay nice and crisp for a few days. We had a lot of fun making them today and now the air is filled with smell of fresh crisp puris. Next on our list, some Besan Ladoos. 

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