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Tarla Dalal Lebanese Cookbook


     Middle eastern cooking is more famous for its meat cuisine hence it comes as a surprise that Lebanese is one of the cuisine from this region that boasts of most popular vegetarian dishes. The invigorating food of Lebanon is a great combination of health and pleasure.

Lebanese cuisine uses all the exotic ingredients. A large variety of vegetables and fresh fruits forms a major part of the meal and meat plays a relatively small role.
Unlike the other Middle Eastern cuisines, Lebanese cuisines take pride in producing some of the famous vegetarian dishes like Hummus, Tabbouleh and Falafel. Many traditional Lebanese dishes are simple preparations based on grains, pulses, vegetables and fruit.

This book is an assortment of recipes as per courses like Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Main courses, Rice dishes, Desserts and Beverages. It provides an insight about the cuisine, cooking styles, the ingredients used in Lebanese cooking.

Lebanese cuisine combines the sophistication of European cuisine with the excitement of eastern spices, and if you follow these recipes I am sure you will master the dishes in no time.

A few of the given recipes are:
Arabic Salad
Mashkool Rice
Apple Tea

Pages: 104
Recipes: 47
Pages in colour: 10

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