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Tarla Dalal Growing Kids Cookbook


  It matters what children eat. The food they eat affects their health now and in his later life. It is therefore important to feed them nutritious and balanced meals and also to inculcate healthy eating habits in them. But healthy eating doesn't mean boring meals. It's all about making nutritious food appealing and fun for kids-as appearance counts as much as taste. But it is a tough task fulfilling the demands of your child who will not settle for simple homemade food and persuasion leads to an even adamant child.

So, to make your task easier, I have come up with a book ' Growing Kids Cookbook ' dedicated completely to the mothers out there. Divided in 5 sections and comprising of 50 delicious and visually appealing recipes, that provide necessary nutrients to energise your kid, help boost their immune system, ensure healthy development of bones and teeth and brain power proper functioning of the digestive system . Besides recipes we have also include some fun and learn activities for your kids to help him develop motor skills, coordination, and learn more about food and nutrients.

So grab a copy of this collection and make more and more of healthy delicacies for your little one with lots and lots of love, from you, and from me as well to ensure the holistic health and growth of your child.

Pages: 96 (all colour)
Recipes: 50
Number of images: 50

Price : Rs.250





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