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Funny Indian Restaurant Menu Typos

Would you eat at a restaurant offering "1 Bowel  of Sambar" or an "Anguish Burger"? The British left us the English language and its been murdered by many but probably the restaurant industry has really killed it over and over again. I am not sure why this happens but its very common to find typos in the menus of Indian restaurants all over the world and some of its makes for very funny reading. In this article we present some funny ones that we have come across like

  1. The Bombay Anguish Burger
  2. A Bowel of Sambar
  3. Lamb, Chicken and Seafood Entries and possibly the most famous of them all
  4. Sandwhich or Sandwitch 

 Whats the funniest you have come across? Please share it with us or leave it in the comments section. 

"Be Sin Ladu" picture courtesy SaffronTrail.  Please visit her website or Like her on Facebook

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