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Spoiled Food and Terrible customer service, how do they stay in Business?!
I bought sweets for over $50.00. 2 packs of Jilabies were spoiled and only way I found out is when I served it to my guests.

Anyways I went back to the store today and showed the receipt and described the problem.

I couldn't even finish the lady behind the counter went off in either Hindi or Urdu and later on in English that she, herself sold the sweets to me yesterday and I had tried the sweets before I bought it. She kept on and on and on. If she were to look at the receipt I had placed in front of her and if she would have tried to read the date she would have realized it was few days earlier.

I had my two daughters with me and simply didn't want to argue. I left the sweets on the counter and left the store saying I didn't want to argue and may not come back to that store any more.

If I were to report this to the Health Department do they realize that how much damage it may cause, I guess not. Do they realize what customer service is? certainly not.

Decent Food
If you are looking to buy fresh made sweets in the Richardson area this is the best place to go. The choice of sweets and other items is really good. Besides getting desi sweets like barfi's, rolls, katlis, jamuns etc, they also have some new innovations like the pan sweets. I have never found them in any other sweets store before.

I tried their chaat today and it was OK. For those starved for chaat, they will probably like it but if you are used to having some good chaat, this falls short. The restaurant itself is quite small and has a handful of seats. Overall, I would give it an excellent rating for Sweets and Snacks and an average rating for their other foods.

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