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Tarla Dalal 7 Dinner Menus Cookbook


     If you regularly dish up the same routine fare that both you and your family are thoroughly bored of, this book will help bring excitement into your cooking. We have put together 7 Dinner Menus from around the world, one for each day of the week, to help you transform into an instant gourmet chef!

The menus consist of dishes typical to the various cuisines, though all the recipes have been modified from their authentic versions to appeal to the Indian palate. Easy to make, they require no difficult-to-obtain ingredients. In fact we have suggested easily available substitutes to ensure ease of preparation, such as samosa patties to make baklava, and bread to make koftas. Each menu is a complete meal ranging from starter to dessert, and is guaranteed to please even fussy kids and tradition-bound elders.

As a special treat weâ€â„¢ve included an extra party menu for days when you feel like cooking up a more elaborate meal.

Invite a few friends over and surprise them with a special theme party.

Try out some of the decorating and entertaining tips weâ€â„¢ve added, and watch your reputation as hostess soar!

Pages : 102
Recipes : 38
Pages in colour: 8

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