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Tarla Dalal Mughlai Khana Cookbook



This book is a compilation of 8 great sections. They are:

  • Drinks which include cooling sherbets such as Angoor ka Sherbat, page‚¦ and Kesar Chandan Sherbat, page‚¦
  • Starters and Shorbas include delicious melt in your mouth kebabs such as Moong Dal Seekh Kebab, page‚¦,
  • Paneer which includes exciting yet classic dishes such as Nawabi Paneer, page‚¦ and Kadhai Paneer, page‚¦..,
  • Vegetable dishes cooked in a delectable style that include Tava Mushroom, page‚¦ and Vegetable Akbari, page‚¦..,
  • the essential Dals such as Dal Makhni, page‚¦ and Darbari Dal, page‚¦..,
  • Rotis that taste wonderful enough to be eaten just by themselves like Laccha Parathas, page‚¦ and Khus Khus ki Puri, page‚¦..,
  • Rice and Biryanis with scintillating additions such as Zaffrani Chawal, page‚¦ and Chatpati Subzi Biryani, page‚¦..,
  • and, the best part of the meal, Dessert, includes classics like the Shahi Tukda, page‚¦ and Dry Fruit Kesar Kulfi, page‚¦..


Pages : 96
Recipes : 30
Pages in Colour : 96

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