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 Welcome to the Indian Cookbook section of In this section of the website you can see a collection of cookbooks from popular Indian chefs. We hope to have an extensive collection of recipe book listings which you can buy from Amazon or directly from the Author. 


Tarla Dalal's Recipe Books


Ms Dalal is Indian most prolific author in the area of cooking. She has written close to a 100 books on numerous categories which are listed below. We hope you will find this collection useful.  



Sanjeev Kapoor's Recipe Books


Sanjeev Kapoor is one of the top chefs in India. He has authored many books and is the host of Khana Khazana a popular cookery program shown on Zee TV every Sunday since 1993.

Sanjeev Kapoor's Recipe Books

Sanjeev Kapoors Best of Chinese Cooking Recipe Book


There is more to Chinese cookery than woks and stir-fries. And when it catches the attention of a Master Chef, wonderful things start happening to mundane ingredients like rice, noodles and vegetables. The subtle combinations of aromatic flavourings and spices find pride of place in the 'Best of Chinese Cooking' by Sanjeev Kapoor.

As the popular Chinese proverb says 'A good meal is eaten first with the eyes, then with the nose and finally with the mouth', special attention has been paid to the presentation of each dish apart from the taste.

The wide-ranging collection of soups, starters, chicken, lamb, rice, noodles and vegetables emphasise healthy cooking techniques and attractive presentation. As sauces are the basis of most recipes, there is a separate section devoted to these recipes; not to forget the special edition of chinese desserts with a difference.


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Sanjeev Kapoors Italian Cooking Recipe Book


Italian food now comes to your table courtesy Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The range of recipes from across Italy includes some all-time favourites such as lasagne and inestrone and some exotic ones such as.. flavoured with Italyâ€â„¢s staple olive oil, basil, garlic and tomatoes. Buon Apetito!

Italian Cooking is the latest in this series of cookbooks featuring international cuisines. Enjoy one of the most fascinating cuisines in the world with Chef Kapoor as your guide. The recipes are taken from across Italy covering all the countryâ€â„¢s most favourite and popular regional dishes. There is a variety of pizzas, risottos and pasta including lasagne, cannelloni and ravioli; everyoneâ€â„¢s favourite Minestrone, lip-smacking treats like Calzone and Mozzarella Skewers and Italyâ€â„¢s most well-known desserts â€â€œ Panna Cotta, Tiramisù and Zabaglione. Who can ask anything more!


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Sanjeev Kapoor's Anytime Temptations Recipe Book


     An outstanding collection of exotic recipes of the kind which you find mostly on the menus of fine dining restaurants frequented by the elite of the urban society. Now with these recipes you can cook these dishes at home and delight your near and dear ones. Each recipe has been detailed out in the typical Sanjeev Kapoor style step-by-step and in simple language which when followed religiously will yield results that are beyond your expectations. In short they will be perfect almost like they seem in the photographs that appear in the book.

Though the book is about soups, salads, sandwiches, snacks and sweets - they can be combined expertly to make a complete meal. From the wholesome pasta to the feathery light salad, from the common tomato soup to the more upmarket Broccoli soup and the unassuming halwa to the exotic soufflé â€â€œ a variety that would perk up every interested palate from within and out of India.

The book carries such fascinating recipes like Saffron and Seafood Soup and Mushroom Cappuccino among soups; Grilled Chicken and Olive salad and Penne in Thousand Island among salads; Focaccia with Chicken and Mozzarella and Bruschetta among sandwiches; snacks like Chicken Cutlet A Lâ€â„¢Indienne and Crunchy Coriander Pomfret; desserts like Hot Chocolate Nut Sundae and Almond and Cognac Cake. One mostly reads about such dishes in the fancy restaurant menu cards but now through this book their secret is well within your reach.

Read more: Sanjeev Kapoor's Anytime Temptations Recipe Book


Hari Nayak is part of the creative new generation of chefs from Asia. As a young boy, watching his grandmother grind fresh spices in the traditional stone mortar and hearing the splutter of curry leaves being thrown into hot oil, he knew that being around food was what he wanted to do, always. Nayak is known for his simple approach to food, staying true to the core Indian values of the dishes he creates. His inspiration apart from his village upbringing lies in an ability to absorb influences from other cultures and cuisines that he has experienced in traveling the globe. Since graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Nayak has worked in the food industry for the past 15 years—including stints at renowned New York restaurants like Aquavit and Daniel. He now runs his own consultancy business called Gourmet Gurus. He has also provided culinary and consulting services to various organizations such as Sodexo USA, ifoodTV, Whole Foods and several restaurants. He pioneered America’s first ice cream patisserie, Halo Fete, in Princeton, NJ. His first cookbook, Modern Indian Cooking, was named "best of the season" for 2007 by the Los Angeles Times.

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