The most expensive Butter Chicken-Anaarkali

Whats the most expensive Butter Chicken you have had? Well, we happened to stumble on the most  expensive Butter Chicken-called Anaarkali. Anaarkali  is currently available in Hyderabad, India. The makers of Anaarkali call it the classiest Butter Chicken on earth.  Probably classiest and costliest would be more apt.

Well, how expensive is it? It costs Rs 6,000 (approx US$150) for a portion for two. What makes it so expensive, read more to find out.

The makers of Anaarkali say that it took them 8 years to perfect the recipe and the recipe uses only the finest ingredients available  such as

They also use fresh hand picked vegetables for their recipe. They also employ a 40 point quality process to make sure that the Butter Chicken is of the highest quality. Butter Chicken is also viewed as being unhealthy and fattening but the makers of Anaarkali have taken added care to ensure that its healthy as well. 1 serving is about 420 calories. At these prices, its not like you are going to eat this every day so I probably would not worry if its not terribly unhealthy anyway.

How does one order Anaarkali Butter Chicken? Well, for starters, its available only in Hyderabad. You can go to their website http://www.anaarkali.in and order online. They need at least 24 hours advance notice.

Well, would you pay Rs 6,000 for some great Butter Chicken.  We know someone who did taste it and we will have their review soon.

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