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Indian Food Stores in the US

The United States has a very large Indian community in many of the large cities such as New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco Bay Area among others. Some of the stores are small mom and pop stores selling basic needs such as rice, dals, spices and vegetables. These stores probably have most of the things you would need to do typical Indian cooking.

However in some locations like New Jersey, the Indian grocery stores are really large. These stores are almost as large as the American Grocery stores and sell other products such as cooking utensils, DVDs, CDS, Books and Magazines etc. They also carry a larger variety of the basic products. 

The Indian Food & Grocery section of the website has a list of such stores. The site currently has over 2500 Indian food & grocery stores listed in the United States. If you think one of the stores has incorrect data or if you have a new store you would like listed, please do contact us. We would greatly appreciate it, if you would provide a review of these stores.

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