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Madhur Jaffrey


Madhur Jaffrey (born August 13, 1933) is an Indian actor, who has also found fame as a food writer. She was born in Delhi, India, educated at Miranda House (Delhi) and in England. She is based in New York City. Originally Madhur Bahadur, she obtained her stage name when she married Indian actor Saeed Jaffrey, though they divorced in 1965. They have three daughters, Meera, Zia and Sakina Jaffrey. Madhur Jaffrey is currently married to Sanford Allen.

As well as acting, Jaffrey is the noted author of cookbooks of Indian, Asian, and world vegetarian cuisines, many of which have become bestsellers. She had her first cookery series on BBC television in 1989. She popularized authentic Indian home cooking. Jaffrey lives in the UK and the U.S.

She was recently seen in Bombay Dreams on Broadway where she played the main character's grandmother (Shanti).

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