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Madhur Jaffrey


Madhur Jaffrey (born August 13, 1933) is an Indian actor, who has also found fame as a food writer. She was born in Delhi, India, educated at Miranda House (Delhi) and in England. She is based in New York City. Originally Madhur Bahadur, she obtained her stage name when she married Indian actor Saeed Jaffrey, though they divorced in 1965. They have three daughters, Meera, Zia and Sakina Jaffrey. Madhur Jaffrey is currently married to Sanford Allen.

As well as acting, Jaffrey is the noted author of cookbooks of Indian, Asian, and world vegetarian cuisines, many of which have become bestsellers. She had her first cookery series on BBC television in 1989. She popularized authentic Indian home cooking. Jaffrey lives in the UK and the U.S.

She was recently seen in Bombay Dreams on Broadway where she played the main character's grandmother (Shanti).

Vikas Khanna


Vikas Khanna (born November 14, 1971) is an Indian chef, who has also become famous as a food writer and a humanitarian. Born in Amritsar, India to Davinder and Bindu Khanna, he started as a helper in his grandmother's kitchen and learned the art of cooking and the use of spices from her. He started supplying kitchenware to Amritsar Club at the age of 12.

He started developing recipes at a very young age and opened Lawrence Gardens Banquets to host weddings and family functions when he was 16. He graduated from the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration in 1994. He started a company SAANCH, a cultural festival gala, to bring together food and traditions from different parts of India. This festival is an integral part of the college even now. He also learnt the art of sculpting stone and wood in Jaipur, Mysore, Udipi, and Sagar (Karnataka). He has worked for the Taj, Oberoi, Welcomgroup, and Leela Group of Hotels with some of the most influential chefs of India.



He moved to New York in December, 2000, and started working as a dishwasher. He worked his way up and soon became the Executive Chef of Salaam Bombay Restaurant in New York. He is a consultant to many restaurants in the US and has his own line of packaged foods, Gourmetgurus.

He has studied at Cornell University, Culinary Institute of America, and New York University. He frequently lectures at many universities around the country.

Vikas Khanna launched the small company SAKIV (South Asian Kid's Infinite Vision) to reach out to eye foundations around the world in an effort to create awareness about vision disorders in children.

Vision of Palate is his award winning workshop developed to educate people with visual disbilities about the sense of taste, flavor and aromas.

Cooking for Life
New York Chefs Cooking for Life was founded to organize tasting events with some of the top chefs of New York to help raise money and awareness for different relief efforts around the world like Tsunami, Gulf Coast Hurricane Disaster, South Asian Earthquake and many more. Chicago Chefs Cooking for Life and San Francisco Chefs Cooking for Life are the other chapters of the organization.

World Chefs Cooking for Life is a series of culinary events being hosted at the World Wonders to advance SATH's (Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality) mission to create awareness for the needs of people with disabilities. The first event of the series, The Living Pyramids is to be hosted at the Pyramids of Giza on July 20th, 2006. All proceeds from these events will be used by SATH to promote accessibility programs in Egypt and beyond.

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