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Welcome to, a guide to all things related to Indian food. When the World Wide Web became very popular back in the late 90's, a large number of sites sprang up with information on Indian cooking. Over the last few years, these sites have lost their value to some extent/ Most of these sites are never updated or updated very rarely. The aim of is very simple

  1. Keep the content fresh and upto date
  2. Provide one comprehensive Portal to obtain information related to Indian food.

With these simple objectives, we have the following sections on this website for you to browse.



Indian Recipes - This is our most popular and content-rich section of the website. Here you will find Indian recipes categorized in a number of different ways such as, by Region, by Ingredient, by Type etc. The "Search Recipes" feature on your right would help you quickly locate the recipe you are looking for. We have also added a Indian Cooking Videos section to the site where you can visually see how your recipe is being made. We currently have over 100 videos. 

The Advanced Search feature is probably the most helpful part of this section as you can search for recipes based on numerous parameters such as cuisine type, ingredients etc.  This website is probably one of the few websites that offers such a feature.



Indian Chefs - There are a number of popular Indian chefs such as Sanjeev Kapoor and Tarla Dalal, both of who are household names in India today. This section of the website profiles other Indian chefs. Besides their profiles you will also find some of the popular recipes of these authors. We also profile their cooks books. 




Indian Food/Grocery Stores - With people of Indian origin spread around the world, you can now find Indian grocery stores all over the globe. We currently have over 2000 stores in over 20 countries like the United States and Australia, but the aim is to build it to include stores from across the globe.  We feel we have the best organized information on Indian Grocery stores. For many stores you will find pictures of the stores which have been contributed by our readers.



Indian Restaurants - Indian Food is extremely popular around the globe and there  are probably very few cities where you may not find an Indian restaurant. We have over 14,000 Indian restaurant listings from around the world with new ones being added constantly. We try and provide all details of the restaurant including their address, phone numbers, website information, menu and images where available.

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