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Best Sunday Dinner
After a walk around a park my family and I decided some authentic Indian food was just what we were craving. After driving some bit around the Mallard Creek and University area looking for a place that would be open we stumbled across Rajbhog. Having little knowledge about such a place our craving for a hot, like mama made indian food, the four of us entered the market and were suddenly the only caucasians in the place (always a sign of authentic cooking). The man behind the counter was very helpful in informing us about the specials and some dishes we might like and after ordering we browsed the market. The dining, though casual, was delicious and hit the spot. We had a wide array of proteins to choose from which we had ordered. With each plate rice, flat bread crackers and some sort of popper that was sweet and not greasy in the least! Everyone but my 13 year old picky sister with IBS throughly enjoyed the meal and the few leftovers were gone later that afternoon. The man behind the counter, not used to white families coming into the market, overheard us talking about naan bread and brought some fresh out for us to sample.

I highly reccommend this to any Indian food lover and thought all the dishes, sweets and merchandise looked supurb! I myself will travel there if ever in the mood for a fairly priced delicious indian dinner.

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