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Chief nosher
Wow! Too busy eating my lunch takeout to do this justice, but I'll try. Ate at Himalaya yesterday and wanted to compare the two. Royal of India is more nuanced and fresher-tasting (not that Himalaya's food is not fresh, it's that there's a brightness to the vegetable curry at Royal of India, and the juiciness of the Tandoori Chicken was wonderful. For $7.99 I had a completely full takeout box of the above, plus a great crunchy-outside, moist-inside Samosa, Naan and Basmati rice. Also included were Mulligatawny Soup and a little rice pudding container. I have to say Himalaya's Mulligatawny Soup is better, but that's not what I came for. The owner greeted me, offered me something while I waited, and gave me a card for a 20% discount on dinner. Very hospitable! I'll be back.

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