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over rated
An absolute pile of rubbish, these guys cant cook Indian food.The curries are like soup, the only decent thing they do there is Chicken wings. The cakes are very dry and the ice cream is from Tescos.

Great Food, Great Service and Great Environment my favourite place.

The best food, known for the excellent desserts, a warm relaxing environment for different variety of customers. At lahore you feel at home!!!

In my totally unbiased opinion, Cafe Lahore is THE place to eat in Bradford. The food is excellent, staff really look after you and the deserts are fab! Come on guys, hurry up and open a branch in Leeds; I'm tired of the 20 mile round trip twice a week!

Needs a reality check. Trying to be something its not. Food below average. Need to buy decent ingriedents. Lamb dressed as mutton

Its very over rated. Quality of food is poor. The desserts are homemade, which is good. But sloppy service lets it all down. I would only recommend to students.

great for students but not so good for quality Indian food
this place is modern and has a buzzing atmosphere usually filled with Bradford students. as a student myself i can say that Lahores consistently produce good student grub but as for high quality Indian food it somewhat falls short

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