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We decided to visit the Purple Mango - Indian Restaurant in Shanklin on our holiday to the Isle of Wight but were deeply upset we had gone there. The service was awful.
There were enough waiters for the size of the restaurant but 2 of the waiters just seemed interested in counting the money rather than looking after their customers. We ordered some poppadoms with chutney as you do but be careful with these guys are they charge almost double for each poppadoms and also they charge for the chutney. We were not provided with plates, no tissues, we had to ask for a jug of water about 5 times, my beer didn't arrive until half the poppadoms were finished.
We ordered starters which took forever to come. For the main course, you have to purchase one main dish and how ever many side dishes you wanted. I ordered a main and a side but was told that the side dishes are big enough and that I should order another large, I rejected and when the side did arrive, it was large enough to feed 3 people and the main, about 5. It was my choice to order what I wanted and not his.
My little daughter fell asleep waiting for the food to arrive and ended up having not eat much.
This restaurant had copied the exact menu as the indian restaurant opposite but when we had asked for a particular dish, they would say we don't have any left, which is there way of saying that it is going to take a long time to cook so order something which is quick and fast so that you can leave to allow other customers in. The food is nothing to write home about.
THe customers next to us waited almost 1 hour 30 mins to receive their takeaway and when some of it arrived, they waitied another 30 mins for the other bit to arrive and so the first bit got cold. All they were offered was a couple of poppadoms as a way to say sorry. WOW. I could carry on but... No customers service whatsoever. Good Luck

Great place
Lovely decor and the food is superb, this place is highly recommended.

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