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Color in Food
Hi All,

Please never buy Appetizer from these guys . My frien refered me to this restuarent. I took Gobi Mnachuria from these guys. Man after eating it my all the finger have become red..They made very good use of colors. Please my frnds don't buy from them

Great food / Avoid Grocery staff
Second mostly what people have already mentioned. Food is good. Some of the younger staff might be funny with a different sense of humor, but don't expect any "authentic" answer about food items - one of them insisted on a new genre of fish called "Appollo fish".

Grocery staff is a different class altogether, with their take it or leave it, my way of high way kind of attitude.

If nature calls, there's a Taco Bell nearby with a decent bath room!

Gone downhill
Cleanliness and parking lot gone down hill. Inside staff is RUDE!! Restaurant has AMAZING food, if you can handle poor drink selection, no a/c and rude, ignorant staff. Only one man (restaurant owner, I think) is wonderful.

Don't waste time in the grocery part.

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