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Expired stuff
We bought Haldiraam sonpapdi, with a sticker of MFG date 08/10/10,,when we opened the box it was stale then i removed the sticker to find the packet was of 2007.This is horrible and shuld be coplained about.

Good service great gals at restaurant
I am appalled to see poor ratings for this place from other Indians. Seems like these people own other businesses and Indian spice and food sales are becoming very competitive. Someone writing Indu and other short girl have bad attitude says for itself. She goes for 99 cent chat or 4.99 Thali and wants to feed whole family or what. Although I do not eat Indian food often, I ordered a Thali and I can bet you it was more than 900 Calories that is maximum that should be eaten in dinner. Naan or choice of Roti with 2 vegies, yogurt, rice and one entree all for $4.99 in USA from Grill next door that serves Buffet till 3 PM, violates food laws, since keeps food cold for over 2 hours and does not throw it away and can make people sick.
Who are these people writing those reviews? have you seen tomoto or Cauliflower or all color Peppers (Red, Green, Gold and Yellow) at these prices ever in Kroger or Tom THumb and quality was better or same as any place.
I will frequent it often.

Expired Merchantise..toddler food...never go there..
Today I was trying to purchase a complan plain flavor and noticed the manufactured date and best before date information was specifically scratched/removed at the bottom of the box.. When I asked, they said, they got the stuff like that only and couldn't return them. Also, said, if it didn't look good to me, not to buy. When I said, they shouldn't be selling such items especially for the infants/children, got no comments. He also said, most of the items were like this only.. They do business with no ethics and morality..idiots..I wish they should go out of business, and I already seeing it. They should look at other stores and rate themselves to see if they could atleast single star rating.

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