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Social Worker
I love Indian food. Most of what I have experienced has been either home cooked or selected by folks from India. I have never eaten in an Indian restaurant with comparative quality until Swagath Indian Cuisine opened. The vareity and quality are absolutely excellent. The folks are positive, helpful, and caring. The prices are reasonable. I have been there each week since they opened and will continue to make it a "must" as often as possible.

Great Store
I go to that shop all the time... I really appreciate them for what they do. infact I would not know what to do i they were not here. If you want Indian food that you love so much for almost to nothing,, I suggest stay back in India or pakistan.

too expensive
the prices on food are double charged

seen many stores but not like swagath which carries every item what we used to get in india and thanks to the owners for doing such a wonderful job of providing everything,absolutely no comparison to other stores,good luck guys, hope to see you expanding the business.

caters to the needs of students
I have been going to this store since 4 yrs. i personally never had a problem and this is the only store which caters to the needs of students moreover this store was in shambles before these guys took over,instead of degrading it just look at the efforts of them providing what our community needs, i love that store where the prices are reasonable compared to others and u get everything u need. if u guys have personal them out.

i agree....this guy is rude!!!
i agree...this guy treats you with respect only when u make a huge bill...and does not accept credit card if your bill is below 10$,which is always the case with me!!! he is CRAZILY expensive too!! he knows we students have no choice but to come to him solely becoz he is close to the university apartments!!
in a nutshell the guy who looks scary is visit this place only if u have no choice but to buy desi food from here!!

If you go there youll get insulted
There are two guys in the shop. One guy is cool, he is a student. Other guy is rude. He only treats regular customers with respect. But if some one is not been regular or makes less bill he insults them in nasty language. He really needs some behavior lessons. I just stopped going just because of his attitude. If you live in East Lansing there are two other indian groceries or else go when the student guy is in the store.

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