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Good store with lot of varieties & Be careful when you buy many items
Honestly, this is one of the good store with lot of varieties.. No doubt about it.. However, you have to be careful when you buy many items as he(Mr.Khan bhai) may charge extra (same items charged twice). It happened twice in my case.. he simply say"over sighted"..

Regarding expiry products, yes, shop have few expiry products.. But, we all are educated and matured enough to check whether product is expired ? I personally advised him to avoid any stickers on expiry dates and his response was "we don't touch sir, it comes as it is"

Prices are almost doubled compared to last year, of course which is not in his control.

Overall, It is one of the good store for varieties and these days we are visiting Spice (Indian kitchen) in Amstelveen which is better for us.

not sure who wrote all the negative reviews, but we are fans of Kashmir stores...
hi, we are English and were recommneded by some other friends of ours to go here for takeaway. We think Kashmir stores are great. The snacks and hot food are delicious, I especially love the samosas, and my boyfriend loves the Wado Pao and the Madras.

Obviousy, being English, I have grown up on Indian/Pakistani food so I think English people have an OK idea about what tastes good or not.

I couldn't care less if the owner is grumpy or not. I go for the food. The prices are good and, having tried some of the other Indian takeaways in Amstelveen which were not as good, and more expensive, I would definitely recommend Kashmir.

Excelent must visit and find the truth
Please dont consider negitive comments about kashmiri.
I respect them, both Husband and wife Honest, social people.
Their food is real home taste.Grocery is full with variety.
we always get Best rates Best Quality. Store is Unique. Thing is can open 20 stores but truth is no match with kashmiri.

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