5 New Indian Restaurants in Irving TX




The economy in this country is going through tough times with business shutting down every day, but it seems that Indian restaurants in Irving are bucking the trend. In the past 3-4 months, the Irving area has had 5 new restaurants open up in an already competitive Indian restaurant landscape. Each restaurant is trying to offer something different. 

  • Samosa Hut and Grill - offers a very different menu mainly made up of 10 varities of Samosas along with some quick items like Kebabs etc. You will not find Chicken Tikka or Biryani here.
  • Paradise Biryani Pointe - brings the taste of Hyderabadi cuisine with another branch of the Hyberabad restaurant of the same name.
  • Anjappa Chettinad - brings the taste of Chettinad to Irving.
  • Pakvan - offers Gujarati thali and a host of vegetarian options
  • Desi Dhaba -  offers the traditional North and South Indian food but at a lower cost. Their weekday lunch buffets start at 6.99.


Its a competitive market with close to 50 restaurants. Lets hope they all make it.