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Anjum Anand


Anjum Anand      Anjum Anand is a British Indian food writer and TV chef of Indian cuisine. She is considered one of the first food writers to create Indian recipes to cater for the health conscious cook.

Anjum Anand grew up in London but has also lived and studied in Geneva, Paris, and Madrid. She speaks French and Spanish, holds a degree in European business administration, and for a period ran a business importing flat-pack furniture from eastern Europe.  She has worked in the kitchens of hotel restaurants including at Cafe Spice in New York, as a waitress in Park Royal Hotel in New Delhi, and for Tommy Tang at Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles.

Her perspective on adapting healthy meals from a traditionally rich Indian diet came from personal experience of weight problems while growing up. Her diet consists of varied traditional dishes, recreated with wholesome ingredients and limited oil.

At age 25 her first book Indian Every Day: Light Healthy Indian Food was published.
Anand became a regular guest on UKTV Food's Great Food Live from 2004 to 2007, and featured in the BBC Two series Indian Food Made Easy broadcast in 2007. Her accent and flirtatious manner have led to her being dubbed "the Nigella Lawson of Indian cuisine in Britain". Reacting to descriptions of herself as "television's tastiest chef", she finds it "preposterous".

You can find a collection of her cooking videos in our recipe section.


She has been a regular contributor to The Times Online food pages since 2007. She has acted as consultant chef to Birds Eye brand to develop a range of healthy Indian ready meals. In September 2008 Anand published her third recipe book Anjum's New Indian, followed by a new BBC television series in November.

Her latest book Anjumâ€â„¢s Eat Right for Your Body Type (2010) is a ground breaking health, lifestyle and diet book inspired by the principles of Ayurveda and has over 80 healthy eating recipes which span flavours from all cuisines. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian science and is thought to have formed the backbone of many of the Eastern holistic medicines. It had a unique way of looking at the body and understood completely the relationship between food and the body. According to Ayurveda, what you eat can affect how you look, how you feel, who you are and most importantly, your health! Anjum has been following the principle of Ayurveda for the last 8 years.

Anjum is working on her 5th book, called "I love curries" and is a collection of our favourite curries from the home and from restaurants.

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Published works

Indian Every Day: Light, Healthy Indian Food (Headline Book Publishing, ISBN 0755312015)
Indian Food Made Easy (2007, Quadrille Publishing, ISBN 9781844005710)
Anjum's New Indian (2008, Quadrille Publishing, (ISBN 9781844006168)

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