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Rude Delivery!
The food is ok but the service is TERRIBLE! I’ve ordered delivery twice from them. The first time the driver got so angry and yelled at me over the phone because he couldn’t find my house. My house is in the city, in a neighborhood with a street light right in front of my house, not difficult to find. When he arrived he shoved my food at me and stomped off without a word. The second time I ordered on a Friday night, their website says they’re open until 11:00 and delivery orders are accepted until 10:30. I work at a restaurant and I got home late, so I placed my order shortly after 10:00, plenty of time before their 10:30 cutoff and 11:00 closing time. The driver arrived around 10:50 and told me, VERY rudely, that if ever want them to deliver again I need to call earlier because they need to have time to clean up. They still weren’t even closed yet! Why is calling almost an hour before they close still not early enough??? If my restaurant turned people away an hour before we closed because we need to clean, I can’t imagine we’d be open for business too much longer. If you don’t want to be open until 11:00 then change your hours of operation, don’t have your website tell your customers one thing and you say another.

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