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extortionate prices for very poor quality food & bad customer service
my wife was recommended this restaurant, so one evening we decide to go there for dinner.
on arriving we were told to wait while but 10 mins later we were still waiting and there wont busy so just could not understand the wait.
finally were taken to our table, for starters i ordered seekh kebabs and my wife ordered pakora and for main course i ordered rogan josh and wife ordered paneer tadka with side dishes.
We were so disappointed with the starters that i tried to change my mail course but was told i cant because it was already appeared. the seekh kebabs were chewy and rubbery, their must have reheated the kebabs i called over the waiter to see i f i can change my mail course from lamb dish to chicken dish but was told no in not so polite way.
The main course was served and my lamb dish was awful, the lamb was chewy, no taste. My wife did not enjoy her meal either.
i called over the waiter and had a quiet word about our experience, he just looked at me in a way that i felt i was in the wrong. He said that there have some of the best chiefs from Indian and the food is freshly appeared every day. Well i may not be a Michelin star chief but i do know my food and the lamb is not fresh.. it has been reheated and just added to the curry. it was not even marinated..
i ask to see the manager but told he is not available, so asked if the owner was but was told he is away, so asked for his name and contact details, the waited said the owner names is kalshit or something and that he has several restaurants in the US…
and to top it off, 15% gratuity charge was added to our bill.
in today's economy how can a restaurant charge extortionate prices for very poor quality food and customer service........ will not be recommending or returning.........

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