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Rajdoots a great place for Indian food
i just want to give credit where its due, my family had a great time at Rajdoot restaurant. Everyone enjoyed the food. The food was fresh and and the atmosphere was great. Best Indian restaurant in town. Its perfect for family and friends. Don't take my word for it check it out yourself and let everyone else know how your experience was.

This was a great pick
I was hesitant at first but my girlfriend wanted me to try it out. I enjoyed everything they had to offer. We picked dinner for two and that was a 7 course meal!! We were stuffed! Check it out as soon as you can you wont be disappointed! Five out of five!

Great place for Indian food
The food was great, the service was alright; the place was packed so understandable. Nice atmosphere overall. I liked the booths, gave some privacy. The music was nice. The wine menu was good, went well with the food. I would suggest it to everyone that wants to try East Indian food. I'll be back for more!!

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