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Best Ever!!
My wife and I are big fans of Indian and Asian cuisine. So it was no surprise that we booked for the opening night in the summer of 2010. I have personally traveled across India and Bangladesh several years ago and although in a lot of cases the food is incomparible with the "westernised version" which in fact is better (taste buds bias) . To get to the point, this restaurant delivers the finest food imaginable and although it is definitely and seriously busy; the staff are always on hand for food and drink advice.
As I already mentioned we are big fan of Asian Restaurants and the added bonus is that this place does a take-away service, which sometimes cannot be fulfilled if the place is busy (which is always).
This Asian Restaurant is the best in 20 years of looking. Staff are brillaint but busy, cut them some slack!

worth the wait
As someone else mentions the car park is very small and difficult to get parked in but a member of staff came and showed us that we could park in front of some of the staffs cars. We booked a table for half 7, got there at 7:25pm but were made to until just before 8pm for our table to be ready, the bar which you wait in is very small and with it being a Fri night all 3 tables were taken and any that became empty, people that cane in after us maanged to jump in as they were nearer.
The staff were very pleasant, it was very busy so they were quite harrassed, the food took a while but was absolutely gorgeous and worth the wait.
It's very busy and quite packed and noisy so not as romantic as I had hoped but all in all a nice night out and worth the money.
The manager also made an effort to shake our hands and thank us and say goodnight before we left which I thought was a nice touch.

Nothing special.
Ate there recently and I have to say it's nothing special. If you were blindfolded and put there you would think you were in a Premier Inn, The colors being purples golds etc.
The staff were awful (as another review mentions, and I also would never eat there again because of this).
We went in a large group and we had just about every member of staff serving us. Approx 8. They made no effort to smile or be pleasant at all, they just seemed to want to get you in and out as soon as possible. The food wasn't timed to all come together very good, and the naan breads came at the end of the meal and the 2 waiters that brought out looked at is like muck when we said we didn't want them as we had finished our meals. I do have to mention one member of staff was lovely, he was pleasant and had a little joke with us. Meal was ok but nothing special. For a nice Indian meal, go to 'The Bengal Merchant' at Barnard Castle. Well worth the ride out and I always compare all my Indian meals with this restaurant.

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