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Average if you have no choice
If you live in the Flower Mound area, you really have little choice w.r.t Indian groceries and Tharkari is your best option if you are in a hurry to get things. Compared to some of the stores in the DFW area, this is about average size and they have most of the things you would need.

They have a small selection of fresh veggies, frozen section, snacks, rice, atta, dals and other items. Looking at some of the prices, I think they would on average be 10-20% more expensive than the big boys at Irving.

Their Hot Breads counter was very disappointing and when we went in there was literally nothing there. So I am not sure if they have stopped it or since it was a weekday, it was not fully functional.

If you need more stuff, your nearest option would be Indo-Pak supermarket on Round Grove road in Lewisville or best to make the trip to Irving and get everything much cheaper.

Parking is easy to find. The guy at the counter seems completely disinterested. The Flower Mound Hindu temple is next door as well.

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