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Little Indian Grocery Store, Boca Raton, FL
When we moved to West Palm Beach, FL last year without doing much research, we found to our shock that there are not many Indian grocery stores in the area to shop and cook once in a while - not even a decent Indian restaurant to go out once in a while.

For 5 months, we suffered shopping at some small, desperate, dirty and understocked stores. Then like a blessing, I ran into a stranger at a bank who informed me about Little India Grocery Store, Boca Raton. We could not locate Little India because they are fairly new and did not have a presence on the Internet to find them. I happened to have an interview one day in Boca and stopped by at Little India grocery store and was in for huge a surprise! The store was large, decent (tinted glasses to prevent Florida heat), very clean and spacious with isles of inventory - with one full isle dedicated solely to refrigerated/frozen items with a row of big refrigerators. The friendly owner greeted me politely, gave me a brief tour (!) and told me not to hesitate to ask if I had any questions or needed help. I found a variety of groceries that other stores did not have and found the prices much less than what we were paying elsewhere. This is the kind of shopping experience anyone wants to have - knowing that the store will not try to rip us off with bloated prices. I packed more groceries for less money and at the end it was a pleasurable and memorable experience.

Will I travel 30+ miles to Little India Grocery store, Boca again for groceries? Yes I will - it is not the distance or pricing - it is the ethics and decency - knowing that the store does not nickel and dime me squeezing dollars out of my pocket desperately and greedily. I would frequent a store that builds its reputation from being honest and reasonable.

Little India Grocery Store
2800 N Federal Highway, Unit #5
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Phone: 561–367-7980

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