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This company is awful!!! I ordered goods from them and they gave me disgusting bad groceries!! I even emailed them three times,but choose to ignore me!! I also didn't receive a item and they haven't refunded me!! This company will take your money but don't want to give u your money back for items that are missing or unsuitable!!! I even stated to them when.ordering,please do not give me damaged/old groceries,but they still did!! Stay well clear away from this company!!

Awful awful service
Botched delivery, not on time. I was lied to after calling to complain. Had to make a threat ( very real at that) to drag them to consumer court through citizens bureau to get my money back. Please please avoid this retailer at all costs!!!

Horrible quality of vegetables
Order number 57741: Horrible waste of money and time plus headache...

Worked from home and was waiting for delivery, which was scheduled between 10.30 to 12.30, throughout the day. I called up itadaka at 6 PM. The guy said the driver is late and will arrive by 8 PM. Nobody arrived and an e-mail was sent to me at 10 PM in the night that the driver has left a missed delivery card. Somebody is lying here as I did not get any card.
I was told by itadka guys that the delivery man said he left a card in my apartment - I did not find anything while I was sitting in my apartment. The delivery came a day after - had to do a lot of follow up to get it.

Following is the result:
Papaya were at bottom - totally squashed and with fungus - not eatable £4.99
Methi - all three bunches were yellow and rotten - not eatable £0.99
Paneer - Obviously gone -- cannot help £2
Karela - with fungus - £1.69
Turiya - with fungus - £2.29

I can understand that some vegetables will be soft overnight but most of them were broken or rotten
And why should I suffer for this if it is not my fault.

iTadka refused to refund any money whatsover because they said the delivery guy had left a card. Absolute bullshit...

Moral of the story:
You need to be careful what you are ordering - no guarantee about the veggies and fruits....
if you are unlucky to miss the delivery then you will have to pay the price regardless of whether you are guilty...

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